The BIOS and bootup screens are overscanned

Hi Devs and users
Does some encounter this Problem while booting Linux , the BIOS/POST screen is overscanned .
I use HDMI of G210-1GB to HDMI (LG32PC5RV ) . when i i underscan 1920x1080@50i or 1280 x 720 i get black border on Top and Bottom of Gnome .

My PC Desktop is HP-Compaq minitower 6600 . shall i change something in BIOS ?
“Any help is Welcome , no Help is Welcome too”
Thank you .

Hi Mounir,

Unfortunately, the BIOS doesn’t have any options to control which mode it chooses at boot. Basically, it just asks the monitor for its preferred more and uses that. Your best bet is to see if there’s an option to disable overscanning in the monitor’s on-screen menu. If there isn’t one, you might try contacting the monitor manufacturer to see if there is updated firmware or an available model that doesn’t overscan.

Thank U Aaron 4 Replay .
It is an LG Problem , an OLD Model from 2007 ( no firmware upgrade is possible ) , this TV sshould be not produced if i was the LG President , because the 4 speaker on the back pannel of the TV produces red pixelisation and disturbs things that could affect the quality and performance . Why NVIDIA does not produce its own TV that are compatible with their cards ?

HI Devs & users

it is very strange ,
the overscan of my LG works only on X screen GUI like GUI of Grub that i can fix the ratio , but on GNOME metacity it did not . please , where is a Problem(except me ofcourse) ?