The difference between 8G and 16G for the ORIN NX MODULE


We have two ORIN NX MODULEs, the one is 8G(900-13767-0010-000),another is 16G(900-13767-0000-000),the carrier board is customized

1)16G MODULES is normal when flashing the Image;
2) When using 16G MODULES environment to flashing the BOOTLOADER Image of 8G MODULE, the *orin-nano-dev.dtb is needed in the log
3) when the *orin-nx-dev.dtb usingn 16G MODULES is modified to the *orin-nx-dev.dtb, flashing the BOOTLOADER Image is ok,
only the dtb name is modified
please tell me why?

Don’t know what you are talking about…

Do you have any log to help clarify what you are trying to say here?

现在有两个ORIN NX模块,一个是8G的, 另一个是16G的。
2) 8G模块,当我们烧写系统时,打印的信息提示需要 orin-nano-dev.dtb,把烧写16G时用的orin-nx-dev.dtb只是改成了orin-nano-dev.dtb,就可以正常烧写了。
我们的问题是:感觉不应该出现nano字样,因为模块是ORIN NX,不知道这是哪里出的问题

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.