The Display don't work normally with the PMU error on the reboot test

session.log (118.3 KB)
The Display don’t work normally in our stress cold reboot test.
The segment for the attached log:
[ 4.548857] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_pmu_isr:724 [ERR] pmu exterr intr not implemented. Clearing interrupt.
[ 4.560623] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_stats:560 [ERR] <<< FALCON id-0 DEBUG INFORMATION - START >>>
[ 4.571797] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:504 [ERR] FALCON IMEM BLK MAPPING (PA->VA) (96 TOTAL):
[ 4.582875] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:518 [ERR] 0x00: 0x01000000 0x01000100 0x01000200 0x01000300
[ 4.594457] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:520 [ERR] 0x04: 0x01000400 0x01000500 0x01000600 0x01000700
[ 4.606050] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:518 [ERR] 0x08: 0x01000800 0x01000900 0x01000a00 0x01000b00
[ 4.617629] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:520 [ERR] 0x0c: 0x01000c00 0x01000d00 0x01000e00 0x01000f00
[ 4.629213] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:518 [ERR] 0x10: 0x01001000 0x01001100 0x01001200 0x01001300
[ 4.640780] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:520 [ERR] 0x14: 0x01001400 0x01001500 0x01001600 0x01002d00
[ 4.652359] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:518 [ERR] 0x18: 0x01002e00 0x01002f00 0x01003000 0x01003100
[ 4.663926] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:520 [ERR] 0x1c: 0x01001c00 0x01001d00 0x01001e00 0x01001f00
[ 4.675507] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:518 [ERR] 0x20: 0x01002000 0x01002100 0x01002200 0x01004b00
[ 4.687074] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:520 [ERR] 0x24: 0x01004c00 0x01004d00 0x01004e00 0x01004f00
[ 4.698665] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:518 [ERR] 0x28: 0x01005000 0x01005100 0x01002300 0x01002400
[ 4.710229] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:520 [ERR] 0x2c: 0x01002500 0x01003200 0x01003300 0x01003400
[ 4.721810] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:518 [ERR] 0x30: 0x01003500 0x01003600 0x01003700 0x01003800
[ 4.733388] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:520 [ERR] 0x34: 0x01003900 0x01003a00 0x01003b00 0x01003c00
[ 4.744974] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:518 [ERR] 0x38: 0x01003d00 0x01003e00 0x01003f00 0x01004000
[ 4.756552] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:520 [ERR] 0x3c: 0x01004100 0x01004200 0x01004300 0x01004400
[ 4.768138] nvgpu: 57000000.gpu gk20a_falcon_dump_imblk:518 [ERR] 0x40: 0x01004500 0x01004600 0x01004700 0x01004800

Accroding to the last comment of GPU error and xdisplay not work - #7 by Qiangfei.Wang
The PMU error is a known issue that happens to all of Jetson Nano production module. Not yet resolved.
So I create this topic for more information.

But you create this topic in AGX xavier forum board… Which platform is it?

Sorry for my mistake. I have been changed it .


If this is for nano, then again this would not affect gpu usecase. If your monitor is gone, probably caused by something else. Please share full dmesg when error happens.