The Maximum Mipi rate of 4 lanes

Hi teams

I want to know the max data speed of 4 lanes (CSI A and CSI B as a four lanes)

From the TRM data sheet,it said “MIPI D-PHY supports up to 2.5 Gbits/sec per pair”

  1. This means that one two lanes max speed ?
    2 )The one four lanes is 5Gbits/sec ?
  2. If I want to use 4 1920*1080 camera sensors is it ok that use one four lane ? (we use D-PHY mode)


2.5Gbps is for each data lane, e.g., D0 lane (D0_P and D0_N) is 2.5Gbps. You can calculate if it is ok for your sensor accordingly.

Hi @JCap,

Here is an useful tool that might be helpful:


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