Throttle of Waveshare Jetracer does not move


I assembled a JetRacer kit from Waveshare [].

But throttle does not response at basic_motion.ipynb at all.
When I assign some value to throttle, some noise occurs.
And clear by 0, noise disappears.

Even I feed power[12V] directly to the gear motor with power supply,
it does not move.
The gear motors do not have any vendor info, I cannot find out contact details.

Steering works pretty well.

Anyone has this

Seems better to check with Waveshare first.


I’ve sent Waveshare a questions, and wondered when it would be answered.

Got it!

The problem was from DC Geared motors.
After spinning by hand couple of minutes, it moves.

I’ve bought another DC geared motors in local.
Pretty better than part in the Waveshare’s package.
Stable and low noise.

I am having the same problem, I spanned it for 3 minutes by hand but no success. Could you please advice of any other solution? What type of DC geared motors did you buy?

DC geared motors in the Waveshare package are not proved, I think.
I bought following in local;

Similar specifications but a little longer.
Works smart!

I would recommend you to test your motors by Power Supply.
When you feed 12V input, the shaft should spin forward or backward.
Ah, disassemble the motors from the chassis.
M3*6 bolts may disturb the motors.