Timeline missing when importing Synchro file

Hi there.
Everytime that I import in Omniverse a Synchro imodel or even a bim or fbx file that has been exported from Synchro, the timeline is always missing. Doesn’t Omnivers import the animation along with the model?


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@antonioromero1 i am just another user, but which OV app are you using? Isaac Sim, Composer, etc.? though i am not familiar with Synchro, but OV does have a timeline extension; that said, could you clarify whether the animation is object transforms or vertex animation?

Thank you for your response. I’m using BENTLEY LUMENRT FOR NVIDIA OMNIVERSE 2023.3.
The animation is just object transforms.

So do you mean the actual visual “timeline” bar at the bottom of the screen is missing, OR the geometric assets are imported with no animation attached to them ? When you press PLAY (spacebar) do you see any animation happening ? To make time timeline bar visible, which is it NOT by default, you go to Window > Animation > Timeline

Thank you for your reply. The model is imported with no animation attached.
I can see the timeline bar and everything but the animation didn’t get imported. When I press play nothing happens.

Can you confirm that this fbx file indeed has animation baked into it, by opening it in another software and seeing the animation ? Maybe the fbx file needs a separate animation file to go with it.

Here is a simple fbx test file with 100 frame animation. You can see that when you play the timeline it should move. This confirms that USD Composer can read fbx animation. It sounds like your fbx file does not contain the animation data, or it is the wrong kind of animation data, or it is writing the animation data to a separate file that also needs importing.
test.fbx (370.2 KB)

Hi Richard. Thank you for your quick reply and apologies for the delay in mine.
The fbx files are fine, they come with the animation but when I import the imodel from the iTwin hub there is no animation attached.

Can you send me the fbx file please. You can do it here or PM me

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