TK1 Development Kit circuit board overvoltage damaged by TX2 power supply (19 VDC vs 12 VDC)

I have both TEGRA JETSON TK1 and TX2 development kits. While exploring constructing a cluster of TX2s and TK1s, I accidentally overvoltage damaged the TK1 (perhaps mainly the power circuit and more) by plugging in TX2’s 19 VDC power supply connector into TK1’s 12 VDC power socket. The TK1 stopped working as it could not power / boot up anymore.

Is there a way to diagnose and repair it? Does NVIDIA provide repair service at cost?

Is there a contact email that NVIDIA customer service or technical support can provide me for further information, such as repairability, cost, …



Looks like some components damaged, you might need RMA process.