TK1 kernel: custom virtual memory split


this is not a problem but more a question.
TK1 physical memory is 2G. and based on our current kernel setting the theoretical maximum VM we can use is 3G. SWAP is not an option as our application is time critical.

Issue we have:
Our user land application on TK1 is close to the VM limit 3G and once a while we will have application crash either caused by OOM killer or by run out of virtual memory space.

Checked the linux kernel 21.5, it did support custom split but only have below VM split.

  • 1G kernel / 3G user space
  • 2G kernel / 2G user space
  • 3G kernel / 1G user space

I am wondering has anyone done a custom split like 512 kernel / 3512 userspace on TK1? I just want to make sure this is something doable before I start trying out.

Thanks in advance.

Hi dk1900,

Have you managed to make the custom split work?
Any good result to share?


Hey kayccc,

From your point of view, do you think this will work or not?

I managed to reduce memory usage by 120M to solve the issue I have for the moment, so I have not tried this.

Part of our pipeline is using GPU to do some image processing and GPU driver seems used a lot of VM (up to 1.2G) and . This is difficulty for 32bit CPU as we only have 3G userspace VM in total. Any suggestion?


Hi dk1900,

In fact, we never tried this use case, not sure if it’s suitable.
You will need to do more rounds of your testing to confirm if that’s workable on your project.