Touch Monitor Support with P40 and Horizon View

vSphere 6.5 U3 - Horizon View 7.12 - vGPU 10.2 (P40) - Win 10 1803 - Wyse 3040 (PCoIP) - Dell P2418HT Monitor

We have a niche project the requires the use of two Dell P2418HT Touchscreen Monitors with our Win 10 1803 Image, but we are having issues getting just one monitor to calibrate properly. We have a 1GB vGPU profile attached to a Win 10 1803 Image while connected to a Dell P2418HT monitor and try to perform a screen calibration the sensor is noticeable off by about an inch up. We are unable to touch the corners of the screen to properly complete the calibration in Windows. If we add an additional non-touch screen monitor and set it use the Nvidia card and move the touchscreen to use the Horizon View/sVGA for the second display I can sometimes get the calibration to complete. When we removed the Nvidia card from the VM and used the Horizon View Display driver everything calibrates fine with one monitor.

Are touchscreen supported with vGPU or am I missing something?

Are multiple touchscreens supported with a extended Win 10 desktop using vGPU?