Training speed comparison between Isaac Gym and Isaac Lab

I tested Isaac Lab on each examples and find its training speed is much slower than Isaac Gym. With Isaac Gym, it takes about 10 minutes to finish training Humanoid example but in Isaac Lab, it’s still 30/1000 iterations after 1 hour training.
I’m using headless mode but it seems don’t help, my GPU is RTX 4070. Is it supposed to be slower or am I making mistakse? And is wandb gonna be supported in later version? Thanks for anwsers in advance.

I just find out that there are different in workflows folder, if I choose to use rl_games like isaac gym, it will work with intended speed, so I think choosing trainer is a new feature.

There is something really wrong here.
Can you share the exact command you are using to train the humanoid?
For me the training is very fast.

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it’s ./ -p source/standalone/workflows/sb3/ --task Isaac-Humanoid-v0 when I find it’s really slow, but I figured out if I use ./ -p source/standalone/workflows/rl_games/ --task Isaac-Humanoid-v0, the training speed would be as quick as Isaac Gym.

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