Trouble installing "Atom" text editor and setting up sources.list

Currently I’m trying to install this text editor called Atom

Click on the above link and you’ll see it tells me to install Atom by

Adding the repo <sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/atom>. Here is the result…

Update & Install Atom <sudo apt update; sudo apt install atom>. Here is the result…

I tried navigating to Atoms website and installing the .deb package. When I do this it brings up “Software Center” app and tells me “error AMD not supported”. Any ideas on how I can get Atom installed? Also after adding the repo I go into sources.list and it doesn’t show up not even after updating. Why is that?

Lastly, can someone show me their sources.list file. I don’t think i’m setting mine up correctly.

The Jetson’s architecture is ARMv8-a, not AMD. You’d have to either download the ARMv8-a/aarch64/arm64 version, or download source and compile it yourself (I don’t know if it can be compiled on arm64 or not).