ttyTHS2 921600 baud rate error

I use ttyTHS2 of TX2 to communicate with an IMU, the communication code rate is 921600, but when configuring the serial code rate, it prompts “serial-tegra c280000.serial: configured rate out of supported range by -0.79 %”, there is actually a data error in communication with the IMU code or lost, how should I modify it to meet 921600 without error?

I don’t think it is possible to directly get past that since it is tied to the clock. Sometimes though if you use two stop bits the clock tolerance error will not harm the data. Otherwise you will probably have to provide your own serial UART.

According to some posts on the forum, I can not modify the serial port parent clock. After modifying the parent clock, the parent clock will always use osc as the clock source. If I want to configure the 921600, is there any way to configure it?

That’s one I can’t answer. Someone from NVIDIA will have to comment on the clock change.

hello 754171732,

please review your device tree, you should have compatibility to be used… nvidia,tegra186-hsuart. it will use serial Tegra HS driver, which supports DMA.

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