ttyTHS2 port is Not working properly

Every time i use this port is not working properly when i connect it to arduino board
any thoughs using ftdi ???

Are you using the J17 connector? If so, keep in mind this also connects to the camera module.

In general FTDI chips are well supported. In R24.2 this is enabled by default. What settings are you using, e.g., 115200 8N1?

it is by default as i read 115200 8n1

I currently have the camera module removed, I don’t know for sure if you need to do that or not for J17 to function (it would depend on camera setup).

As an experiment, I’ve connected an FTDI chipset serial cable to J17, with the USB connected to my host. This produces /dev/ttyTHS2 on the Jetson, and for my host, since I have a lot of serial port devices, this is /dev/ttyUSB5 on the host.

I installed gtkterm on both machines. I brought up gtkterm on both Jetson and on host with settings to the correct port, 115200 speed, 8N1, CTS/DTS flow control (I’m using the 6-wire USB serial UART…if you used a 3-wire serial UART, you’d use software flow control).

If I type something in on host, it appears on Jetson. If I type something in on Jetson, it appears on host. If you can, install gtkterm on the Jetson and an outside machine, and do the same test. This would be the simplest way to test just basic functionality.

It is actually possible to plug the USB serial UART into both J17 and the Jetson’s USB port, and run two instances of gtkterm, one aimed at /dev/ttyTHS2, the other at whichever USB device is present. I think this complicates things though, as it means you need both the USB part and the serial part to work on the Jetson…by going to an external host you’ve reduced the Jetson-side requirements for testing.