TUTORIAL: Using sdkmanager for flashing on Windows via WSL2 + WSLg

It took a bit of trial and error to get this working so I figured I would document what worked here:

  1. Make sure you have the latest release of Windows 11
  2. Install WSL2 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and make sure your WSL2 kernel is up to date
wsl --install -d "Ubuntu-18.04"
wsl --update
  1. (Optional) Properly install the WSL2 GPU drivers for your WSLg
  1. Install usbipd-win
winget install --interactive --exact dorssel.usbipd-win 
  1. Launch a new Ubuntu 18.04 WSL2 instance and install the usbipd tools
sudo apt install linux-tools-5.4.0-77-generic hwdata
sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/local/bin/usbip usbip /usr/lib/linux-tools/5.4.0-77-generic/usbip 20
  1. Install sdkmanager from NVIDIA’s instructions
  2. Plug in your device and pass it through via usbipd in PowerShell
usbipd wsl list
usbipd wsl attach -a -d <device id> # the -a is key, as BPMP will restart during flashing and need to auto-reattach
  1. Run sdkmanager
  2. Profit

It’s cool, thanks for your sharing to the community!

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