TX1 Connections to TUSB8041 USB 3 Hub

I designed a custom PC board for a new product using the Jetson TX1. I connected the USB_SS0_RX and TX diff pairs and the USB1 DP and DN connections. The low speed USB2 port enumerates and works fine.

However the Super Speed USB 3 port does not work at all. I’ve carefully checked the connections and the differential pair impedances.

I have seen in some forums that it needs to be enabled and it is. Also if I plug my TX1 module into the Nvidia TX1 evalaution board the USB 3 port works fine.

Are there any other signals that have to be enabled in order to use the USB_SS0_TX and RX signals?

I can’t answer, but realize there are actually two separate controllers for USB2 versus USB3, and that ports need to map to the different controllers depending on what is connected. This may be as simple as a device tree edit. Someone else will need to say what device tree changes are.

Hi dvoutour, since the module USB port works fine on dev kit, it should be the custom board issue. Did you check the pin order of TX/RX and P/N of USB connector?