TX1 crash log

Is there a way to get TX1 crash log?
We encountered TX1 unexpected crash randomly and expected to know what it was doing at the time of system crash.
Due to we cannot use remote debug as testing TX1 on our product.
Therefore, we expect to know if there is a way to get the crash log on TX1 after TX1 reboot?

Thank you,

Have a look to files in /var/log/.

I would be interested in knowing what kind of access you do have…is serial console a possibility? This might make it possible to browse the log files Honey_Patouceul mentioned (plus it could allow you to watch and directly log the failure to your host as it occurs). See:

Is a keyboard directly connected to the Jetson possible? If so, then some “magic sysrq” key combinations might help.

Thank Honey and Linuxdev.

Yes. We found logs on /var/log.

We will try to use “magic sysrq” key combinations as TX1 is not totally hang up.
Currently, we encountered system hung up more, and we will test newer EVB boards too.

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