Software reboot issue on jetson TX2 custm board

Hi, I am using jetson TX2 custom board.
device is getting software reboot after 12 hours,is there any services are there which are causing software reboot.

I am attaching the syslog entry during reboot.

if you will see the syslog device is going to software reboot around 23.45.

is CPU temperature causes software reboot here.

Any help will be appreciated.

Please use the uart to monitor the log. It will show more info than syslog.

Also, I don’t see your syslog.

syslog.1.gz (2.9 MB)

i have attached the syslog,you can extract and see the 23:45 time log at that that board has rebooted.

Seems no useful log from syslog.

Please monitoring the uart log instead.

Hi Wayne,

Ok. We will do this experiment again and send the uart logs.

Is there any way to see crash dumps if any crashes happened on previous boot. I believe WDT reboot will happen for crashes(that is not our case) but in any case i want to check that location if we have any crashes.

The uart log should have the stack dump if this reboot is due to kernel panic.

Also, below node may also have it.


Ok Wayne.

Is there any possibilities that driver or any system services triggers reboot based on temperature or any other parameters?

Then you can monitoring the temperature by tegrastats too.

Yes. As i said we are running again long run tests. Will log tegrastats also along with console logs. Any other you want to log it?

Just to know from SDK perspective, any reboot will trigger from any kernel modules or from system services?

If this is triggered by system service, then it will show in syslog. However, we didn’t see that, so it seems not system services. If you are using rootfs from jetpack, then as I know, there is no system service that would trigger reboot automatically.

Also, you can compare the same application on devkit and see if it happens too. If it does not happen on devkit, then it is not software side problem.

I am seeing output of below directory is empty

root@tegra-ubuntu:/home/ubuntu# ls /sys/fs/pstore/

how do i need to enable it to see this logs.

so you are saying if any kernel panic will happen,logs will be save in some files

I don’t enable anything but there is a log. Are you using default jetpack?

nvidia@localhost:/sys/fs/pstore$ ls

Please try to reboot manually and see if the log appears in next boot up.

If you still don’t see it, use uart to monitor the case instead.