TX1 LCD interface

I want to add 10" LCD with FHD resolution to TX1.

In Display Expansion Connector J23. There are 2 interfaces available.

  1. DSI 2 x 4-Lanes
  2. eDP 4-lanes

As eDP displays are generally available in bigger size than 10" and are costlier than LVDS. I think LVDS would be the better option.

So i need to use either,

  1. MIPI DSI to LVDS bridge IC.
  2. eDP to LVDS bridge IC.
    Right? or can i use LVDS directly with TX1?

So As i am new to both interfaces and it’s driver development, what could be the best solution in terms of cost and easy driver development on TX1? or any other solution other than LVDS with DSI and eDP?

Is there any sample driver available for DSI to LVDS or eDP to LVDS bridge IC in TX1?

There is no support for direct use of LVDS. The bridge is necessary.

I couldn’t tell you which is best…it depends on what you can find for information on the interface specification if you are building your own bridge (memberships in VESA and MIPI are expensive and required for getting access to the specification). If you use someone else’s bridge I think it would depend on documentation there too, e.g., information on programming the EDID in the bridge, and having information available on the LVDS to make it possible to create EDID information.

You don’t need a driver for DSI to LVDS, nor for eDP to LVDS…you just need a driver to DSI or DisplayPort (the bridge is making so you don’t need the hardware to understand LVDS). I may be wrong on this, but I think the drivers for DSI and DP are already present in the kernel (though you may need to configure/compile this).