MIPI DSI display testing

Hello all!!

I was wondering if anyone had a chance to test a display using MIPI DSI expander.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Ali_B,

Which expander do you mean? The display connector J23? If so, DSI is supported on Jetson TX1

Dear Ali

TX1 & TX2 is not for mobile phone application , usually use monitor LCD to developing software only.
Use LCD usually is company level to do it.

If you want to use LCD for your design , you need to development below 2 part.

Hardware part :

It need to design a adapter board for it .

TX1 --> adapter board --> LCM .

so you need to design adapter board with connector ( TX1 side & LCD side ).

Software part :

  1. Linux driving code setting with LCD specification.
  2. LCD color tuning for application. ( TX1 or LCD DDIC)
  3. LCD functionality setting ( Optional )