TX1 Package contents


we have ordered the following part 900-82180-0001-000 what are the contents of this package

Does it comes with mounting stands ?

Does it has mounting stands for heat sink?

Does it has the mounting hole provision for mounting heatsink

900-82180-0001-000 only contains metal cover, no heatsink, there are holes for mounting heatsink.


thanks for the reply .Will the thermal transfer plate used in the TX1 som has Solid pillar in the inner side (from the 3d model shared from tegra) for fixing the heat sink ? if the holes for fixing the heat sink is not provided then can I drill the Thermal Transfer plate and fix the heat sink?,The plate seems to be very thin. Will TTP hold the Heat sink with fan tightly ?

These holes are screwed which is thicker than other place, they can be used to fix heat sink, actually the heat sink (w/ radiator & fan) of dev kit is fixed by these screwed holes. So TTP can hold the heat sink tightly.