TX1 TTP heat sink mounting screws watertight?

Does anybody know if the (4) M2 mounting holes on the TTP used for mounting a heat sink is waterproof? If I am trying to cool an array of 10 TX1s and put it in a box that is watertight.

Those holes are not tested waterproof. I’m curious why you need those holes waterproof since you plan to put TX1s in a watertight box? Is it possible for holes to contact water?

The heat sink will be external and TX1s will be internal. There’s a possibility of water getting around the screws on the exterior surface of the box/heat sink and into the TX1. Or is the compression applied from the 4 screws good enough to keep out water?

Not sure about that as not tested. Did you consider the rubber ring and waterproof glue for the screw?

Yes, just wanted to see if anyone had any information on this before I kill a few tegras trying. Thanks