TX1 Starts Boot then dies, SOC light not on

I have a TX1 on its carrier board, which I’m struggling to get going.

The power is applied, and the power button double pressed, and it starts booting, with both POWER and SOC lights green.

It varies as to how far it gets, but mid-way through booting, while showing the Linux boot steps, so less than 30 seconds, the screen will go black and no more display output is observed.

Sometimes, this also has the POWER and SOC light go out, like I have removed power, but sometimes the POWER light remains on, but the SOC light extinguishes only.

The only way to progress is to remove power for a few minutes or longer and hope that I get a bit more life out of it. I doubt i’d learn very much from getting serial output, as the soc seems to die.

I have attempted to use an alternative power source, to confirm that is not the issue. Any thoughts on what might be occuring?

Most of the time, if the power source is the one NVIDIA provides, then power won’t be an issue. Third party power supplies often have issues, so I wouldn’t say that the second power supply has a lot of proof of failure, but if the first power supply is the original, then it is possibly hardware failure. In the case of hardware failure the module is rarely bad; most of the time it is the carrier board which goes bad. Maybe a regulator on the carrier board is failing. No way to know.

Well it’s not a power supply issue, as I have used two, the original, and one from an ASUS monitor that has a similar voltage/ampage output.

If it’s the carrier board, it would be interesting to know what voltages on the board I could check. But sourcing a replacement, when it’s not confirmed thats the issue, seems a pricy option right now.

Someone from NVIDIA could probably tell you what voltages to test for, and at which points. However, if the system is starting, and then shutting down, then it might be something out of tolerance (versus catastrophic failure), and this is harder to detect (e.g., a capacitor is failing, and the voltage slowly changes by some small amount). There are not a lot of choices for a carrier board substitute, but ideally, swapping to a new carrier board for testing would be the next step (sorry, I realize in this case it may not be possible to do so, I do not know of a good solution).

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