TX1 - USB1 Super Speed (3.0) USB2 SS Sporadic EMI Issues

Hi there,

My company and I have been integrating a TX1 SOM into our project for the last year or so. Recently, we’ve noticed that utilizing the USB 3.0 ports on the TX1 sporadically causes us RF interference issues in our enclosure.

The problem is a bit mysterious, it isn’t’ consistent - can be caused or cleared on a reboots and is usually caused by hot plugging a downstream usb device. Worse yet, disconnecting downstream devices does not rectify the emissions problem once it’s been triggered. Similarly, de-powering downstream USB slave does not solve the issue either.

I suspect there’s a configuration issue (or driver bug) that’s causing the XUSB controller to misbehave. Has anyone seen this issue in there products? Does NVIDIA have a way to dump the USB Complex’s configuration?

Any ideas?

Thanks a ton!

Hi Dlambert, did you measure the signals on USB lines after unplug USB device? If no any waveform observed, the RF interference is not from USB lines. First of all, please confirm which high speed IO is working when the interference happen.