Tx2 4GB on Jetson TX2 dev kit_ With r32.2.1: when?


I’m using a dev kit TX2 and would like it to perform like a TX2 4GB. I need specific features / patches available only on r32.2.1 to run my code.

As I understood, it’s only possible for now to flash it with r28.2.1 and r28.3. Is it in your plans to make it available with r32.2.1? When can we expect so to be done? Or am I wrong? Is it possible to flash it with r32.2.1 already now?

Thank you!

Hi quentin.boulanger,

The R32.2.1 is ready for TX2 4GB.
Please run sdkmanager and Target Hardware select Jetson TX2 4GB (P3489-0080) to start flash and install SDK components on your TX2 4GB platform.


Thank you for your respone.

Sorry for the confusion but I run on a dev kit TX2 8GB platform, what I want to do is to configure it to perform LIKE a TX2 4GB as explained here: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetson-tx2-4gb

Hi quentin.boulanger,

You can flash with below command by manually:

sudo ./flash <b>jetson-tx2-4GB</b> mmcblk0p1

Where do i need to run this command?

Hi quentin.boulanger,

You can use sdkmanager to download image first.
Following below steps to flash:

cd /home/<username>/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack-4.2.2_Linux_GA_P3489-0080/Linux_for_Tegra/
Put device into recovery mode
sudo ./flash jetson-tx2-4GB mmcblk0p1

That works thank you! I just modified in your command jetson-tx2-4GB to jetson-tx2-as-4GB

Thank you for your help @carolyuu!