TX2 EGLFrame address diffierent

there is a strange phenomenon. I used nvvideosink element and set display property and stream property . then used eglstream to get the eglframe, it was ok.

But,when I use TX2, it has a outcaps property. If I didn’t set it, it will error. When I set it, it can display by eglframe, but it was very slow. So I tried to print the address of eglframe.frame.pArray[0], I found the first 112 frames were not in the same address,it wouldn’t be slow in 4 seconds (25 fps). after 112 frames, it were in the same address and couldn’t play in real time, it was very slow.

Could you share your sample/pipeline here?

Which BSP are you using? Do you flash TX2 with jetpack3.1?

The problem is the same as :

Hi, WayneWWW

I flashed TX2 with jetpack3.0.


If it is the same issue, please try it on jetpack3.1 again. Thanks.