TX2 JetPack3.1 backend sample compilation error

I installed JetPack 3.1 using Jetson and when I try to run the backend sample I get the following error
Error: Unknown option …/…/data/Model/GoogleNet_one_class/GoogleNet_modified_oneClass_halfHD.prototxt

backend … [options]

1-4, Number of file arguments should exactly match the number of channels specified

Supported formats:

-h,–help Prints this text
-fps Display rate in frames per second [Default = 30]

--s                  Give a statistic of each channel
--input-nalu         Input to the decoder will be nal units[Default]
--input-chunks       Input to the decoder will be a chunk of bytes

--trt-deployfile     set deploy file name
--trt-modelfile      set model file name
--trt-proc-interval  set process interval, 1 frame will be process every trt-proc-interval
--trt-forcefp32      0 to use fp16 (if supported), 1 to use fp32
--trt-dumpresult     1 to dump result, 0[default] otherwise
--trt-enable-perf    1[default] to enable perf measurement, 0 otherwise

Error parsing commandline arguments


The command should like this:

./backend 1 ../../data/Video/sample_outdoor_car_1080p_10fps.h264 H264 \
    --trt-deployfile ../../data/Model/GoogleNet_one_class/GoogleNet_modified_oneClass_halfHD.prototxt \
    --trt-modelfile ../../data/Model/GoogleNet_one_class/GoogleNet_modified_oneClass_halfHD.caffemodel \
    --trt-forcefp32 0 --trt-proc-interval 1 -fps 10

You can find this information in our document:

L4T Multimedia API Reference


i used that command but i had an error :
channel should be between 1 and 4, program will exit


It’s recommended to file a new topic for a different issue.
This will help other users to find similar information.


thak you very much