TX2 NX Unable to Boot After Editing fstab

I have recently flashed my TX2 NX with jetpack 4.6 and after installing all the libraries (CUDA, CUDNN, etc…) there is no space left (16gb)

So I copied the /usr directory to a nvme drive, attempting to move things there.

However, I must had made a mistake while editing /etc/fstab, and it no longer boots
Situation and error messages similar to this post

I tried flashing it again, but my host machine does not see the TX2 anymore, cannot SSH nor connect through serial port.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi ting.chan,

Please make sure you could boot up w/o NVMe drive first.
Then, you could refer to the following instruction to flash into NVMe drive for rootfs.
Flashing to an NVMe Drive

Hello Kevin,

I was not able to boot up with or without the NVMe drive, this is the screenshot

Thank you

Are you using the devkit or custom board?

Please enter to the force recovery mode first.
Preparing a Jetson Developer Kit for Use

thank you for the quick reply Kevin!

I am using a custom board.
I don’t know if the pins for force recovery is available here

Holding the recovery button while pressing the reset button gives a blank screen, not even the Nvidia splash.

Do you get the BSP package from your vendor?
What’s the Jetpack version in use?

I don’t if there are reset/recovery buttons on your custom board.
Just use jumper to short recovery pin and GND, and give it the power, then it should enter force recovery mode.
You could use lsusb on your host PC to make sure the status.

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