TX2 Production Module


According to the Production Module, there is 900-83310-0001-000 Label on the module.

I found there is something different with other modules.

After 900-83310-0001-000, there is a letter as S / AW / B / J / K.

What does this letter stand for?

That’s some internal usage code, customer can just ignore that.

Hello Trumany,

Thank you for your answer.

i have a question about TX2 Module PCN.

is that possible to get PCN result document?

In detail, according to PCN on April in 2020, it says, DRAM and eMMC would be produced on July product.

That means, NVIDIA would change the material inside of Module and already done for testing.

if that is possible, could you provide us the result of testing?

That’s not public. What we can provide on this are all in DLC, please follow that.