TX2i Tests detailed documents

Hi guys,
I need to have a detailed test document for the JetsonTX2i.
For example:

We need to know while running those cycles what is the detected faulty device and the devices Qty.
In how many cycles did you get a faulty device and more.

Can you guys deliever it for us?


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That’s what we can provide. The report table has listed the Reference Standards.

OK. Thanks
Another question regard the Jetson TX2i.
Is this the temp range (Storage temp -40 - 85 deg) that the module was tested/will be tested (Xavier industrial) for, an actual damage can be done to the module for lower storage temp (-54 deg)?
Can you elaborate please, our demands starts at storage temp of -54 deg

Thanks a lot, appreciate your prompt response!

The temp range listed is must. -54C is out of the range, please follow the guide strictly.

Can you please explain what are the differences between those 2 Jetson TX2i revisions?
I know there was EMMC module change to Micron but u believe it is not related to those revisions.
699-83489-000-300 vs 699-83489-000-301

From the EMMC change notification
Jetson TX2i 699-83489-0000-*** modules with suffix greater than or equal to 301 may include Samsung eMMC (KLMBG4GEUFB04Q053) or the original eMMC part. Each module has a 2D barcode which may be used to identify the 699 level part number.
Following the completion of this PCN, NVIDIA may ship a mix of 699-83489-0000-300 and 699-83489-0000-301 revisions for an extended period of time. "

That revisions are only related to some parts change which have no difference to customer to make design.