TX2 USB Charging Capabilities?

We are in the middle of designing a custom TX2 carrier boards to an Atmega328 chip for users to use the Arduino IDE. It is inevitable that some users will plug their phone into the USB ports on our TX2 carrier board. We are wondering if TX2 has any protection/safety within itself that handles USB charging with the USB 2.0/3.0 ports such as current limiting. Does the TX2 have computing power or firmware to negotiate charging decisions? We would also still like the port to be used as peripherals with mice, keyboards etc. but also want to factor in the possibility that someone would plug their device/phones to charge. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Avew,
It depends on your carrier board design.
Jetson TX2 reference carrier board has USB VBUS load switch to protect/limit ouput currnt to 1A.(APL3511CBI-TRG).System software(bootloader or firmware) should manage the USB port Charging function.

Thanks for the response AlexHou, if we put in a USB charging port controller to our carrier board like the TPS2549, could the user then use the port for charging as well? Are the USB 3.0/2.0 ports CDP (charging downstream port) or just SDP (standard downstream port)?

Hi avew,
(Sorry, I revised comment#2 to avoid confusing.)

Actually TX2 reference carrier board P2597 has USB VBUS load switch and output current is limited to 1A(APL3511CBI-TRG. You can also change to other USB charging port controller like the TPS2549.

TX2 supports SDP and CDP. Please find detail in TRM:

32.6.1 USB PADCTL Features
Battery Charging

  • Supports standard and charging downstream port identification control when programmed as host/downstream
  • Supports charging port detection reporting as when programmed device/upstream ports