TX2i Thermal Transfer Plate (TTP) and ground isolation


I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Thermal Transfer Plate (TTP or case) of the Jetson TX2i is electrically isolated from the electrical ground of the Jetson TX2i. This can be verified by measuring resistance between a ground pin on the connector and the case.

On the Jetson TX2, the thermal transfer plate (TTP) is electrically connected (not isolated) from the electrical ground. The resistance measurement is very low between the ground pin of the connector and the case.

So here is my question. Is electrical isolation an intentional feature of the case of the Jetson TX2i? I need to guarantee that this isolation exists on all units, now and in the future. Also, can you comment on what the thermal transfer plate (TTP, case) is made out of to create this isolation. Is it anodized, if so, how thick, I want to see if it gets scratched significantly will the electrical isolation go away, or is it just an electrically isolating material.


Hi johnq,
Both TX2, TX2i Modules all have TTP ground connection.
The TTP is anodized, so if you are measuring for connectivity by touching GND and the TTP, they may not be getting to the conductive metal because of the anodization. The bottom part of the TTP (and top of the bottom plate) that sits on the PCB is machined so there should be no anodization, so that the TTP is GNDed to the PCB.

Hello, I would like to know the Anodizing material used for the TTP. Could you please attach some information? Thank you very much.

Hi sebastian.dalessandro,

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