Uart communication

We’re trying to connect JETSON NANO with STM32 microcotroller. The main problem is the serial Uart communication between STM32 and jetson nano. I checked the other websites mentioned here but didn’t find any solution.
Communication must take place from nano to STM32 and vice versa. The two are connected with help of jumper wires.
I want to know how to send a binary file from nano to STM32. There are no resources or tutorials for that. UART to UART communication is not demonstrated anywhere so have no idea. Can you please help me out with this UART communication steps?

Which UART are you using on the Jetson (which device tty# and which physical pins)? Is this a dev kit?

If you use the one already used by serial console, then this of course will fail.

Both sides must also have the same settings. For example, speed 115200, 8-bit, no parity, and 1 stop bit.

Make sure your STM32 is using a 3.3V TTL logic level on its UART. If not, then you need a level shifter.

Random wires have noise problems when not short. They should be twisted pair, and preferably with a ground shield around them if doing further than a short distance. I like using ethernet cable for this.

Loopback mode is useful for testing (just don’t use this with the serial console). If you connect to the “/dev/ttyS#” or “/dev/ttyTHS#” with a serial terminal, and you have directly connected that terminal’s RX and TX, then you should see the text you type in echoed to the terminal. You’ll know you have the correct settings for that side.

If you exceed speed 115200, then you should use 2 stop bits.