UART on XavierNX, TX does not work


I am using Jetson XavierNX development board as an onboard computer for my drone and it communicates with ProfiCNC Cube Orange autopilot via UART. I am using the pins 6-8-10 (GND-UART1_TX-UART1_RX) on 40-pin extension header for my uart cable. For baud rate of 921600 and 500000 b/s, although I receive data from the autopilot, I cannot send anything and the autopilot complains about delay. What could be the possible reason for this? The quality of cable? Output drives of pins 8-10? How can I solve it? I really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.


FYI, that default baud-rate setting is 115200/8n1. you may re-compile device tree to update the configuration.

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