Ubuntu 19.10 always stuck on black screen with blinking cursor after installing any nvidia driver

Hello, I just fresh install Ubuntu 19.10, and then I’ve tried installing nvidia driver from “additional drivers” and terminal (with the graphics drivers ppa and without). And when I reboot, my computer will only show a black screen with this message :
dev/sda1: clean, 552599/6111232 files, 7119295/24414464 blocks
and a blinking cursor, and stuck. My only solution was to run recovery mode and purge nvidia* from root there.
Also when I run nvidia-smi after installing, it will output :
No devices were found

and when I run nvidia-xconfig after installing, it will output :
WARNING: Unable to locate/open X configuration file.

WARNING: Unable to parse X.Org version string.

Package xorg-server was not found in the pkg-config search path.
Perhaps you should add the directory containing `xorg-server.pc’
to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
No package ‘xorg-server’ found

ERROR: Unable to write to directory ‘/etc/X11’.

What should I do then if I want to install nvidia driver ? This happens with every driver I’ve tried (390,440,430). Please help me, Thanks in advance.

My specification:
-Laptop Acer Aspire E5-473G
-Intel Core i5-4210U
-Nvidia Geforce 920M

The bug report log file :
nvidia-bug-report.loggz (106.7 KB)
sorry, I upload it with .loggz, originally it was .log.gz but I can’t upload it.

Please let me know If I have to provide another information. Thank you.

Please remove the ‘nomodeset’ option from kernel command line. You’re running an Optimus notebook and that option is killing the intel igpu which is needed for proper function.

Hey, thank you very much for answering. Normally I don’t put the nomodeset parameter there, but recently I put it there because ubuntu would stuck on boot if I don’t put it. It says “Integrity : problem loading x.509 certificate (-65)” and stuck. Also, i am kinda giving up now because maybe my GPU is broken, because I’ve tried installing nvidia driver too in my windows OS and windows won’t boot correctly too. But thanks anyway for answering.