Ubuntu 22.04, Dell precision 5540, samsung 49" not working

I did a fresh install on my laptop and updated all the drivers, packages etc. I then proceeded to use the latest Nvidia kernel driver, use Xorg, disabled Wayland etc.

Problem is that even though my external screen is found (HDMI connection laptop) and the resolution is set properly (49" samsung screen 5120 x 1440 60hz), somehow the screen is not receiving any data. I have a dual boot system, running Windows with the external screen is no problem.

Attached is the bug report. Anybody any idea what is wrong?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (315.3 KB)

Windows won’t be able to drive the screen at full resolution, either.
The external connectors of that notebook are driven by the intel igpu of a Intel(R) Core™ i9-9880H CPU
which only supports hdmi 1.4 with
modeset(G0): HDMI max TMDS frequency 300000KHz
which doesn’t support
5120x1440 (0x2b1) 469.000MHz
Please use a displayport connector on your notebook if it has one.

Hi and thanks for the reply. It seems you are partly right.

First of all, I did manage to get it working on Windows. Then if you look at the specs of the laptop, Dell somehow managed to squeeze in an HDMI 2.0 connector. See here

Also, if I try other resolutions, the screen is either black or distorted. The HDMI cable is fine because (on Windows it works) and also using the same cable on another screen works without a problem.

Perhaps Dell has some fancy Windows driver that fixes things that are not supported by Linux (yet)?

similar problem

I don’t know how dell would have achieved that. If a converter was used, the monitor would be detected as displayport, not hdmi (tmds)
modeset(G0): HDMI max TMDS frequency 300000KHz
cpu specs:
Please check:

  • whether windows runs the monitor at 30Hz or 60Hz
  • whether there’s a bios switch to switch the outputs to the nvidia gpu

I just removed WIndows 10 completely last night because of space restrictions. But I can confirm this:

  1. Plugging the HDMI directly into a the HDMI port of my docking station works with 3840x1080 (not 5540).60hz
  2. Plugging the HDMI directly into my laptop does not work at 3840 x 1080 60hz
  3. There are no BIO settings to switch the outputs.

My feeling is there is something wrong, because the lower resolutions should be supported directly (even with HDMI 1.4) but they aren’t either.

Please use a DP cable to drive the monitor, then complain to Dell why they’re advertising a hdmi 2.0 port while the harware only supports 1.4.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the laptop hasn’t got a DP port only HDMI. Setting aside the specs (2.0 vs 1.4), even with a lower resolution that is supported by the specs, the screen is still blank or distorted. So there is clearly something wrong.

Yes. Still, the hdmi is connected to the intel igpu, so you’d have to open an issue at the i915 bug tracker. Please use the liquorix ppa to upgrade to the latest kernel to check if this has been fixed already. If not:

The DP port is available over the USB-C port of your notebook.