Ubuntu 22.04. Lost 2-nd monitor afrer NVIDIA 525.85.05 driver installed

Hello Experts.
After I installed NVIDIA 525.85.05 driver oh Ubuntu 22,04, Lenovo IdeaPad-Gaming-3 I do not see second monitor any more.

When I start nvidia-settings, it shows error messages:

nvidia-settings tools does not show me NVIDIA X-server settings:
Screenshot from 2023-03-04 13-59-30

Tere is my nvidia-bug-report.log.
nvidia-bug-report.log (6.5 MB)

After reading some analog posts I checked the BIOS and can see that secure boot is disabled.
I also checked /etc/X11/ and can see that xorg.conf is absent there.

Appreciate any help to resolve the problem.

Wrong driver. Please use Software & Updates to switch to the non “-open” driver version.

Thank you, generix!
It helped.