Ubuntu goes to "Minimal" after unknown period of time

I have a Jetson Xavier NX that is on the other side of the country running a container, and I rarely have a need to nomachine into this device.

After an unknown period of time Nomachine tells me there is no display running on this device and if I SSH to it from another local machine I get the following:
“This system has been minimized by removing packages and content that are not required…”

Does anyone know if I can prevent this from happening or where I can find more info on when and why about this?

The “unminimize” command doesn’t seem to work properly and takes absolutely forever.
I had to have someone ship this device to me so I could make it usable again.


Does it work if you execute $ sudo reboot to reboot the system? We have remote devices and generally reboot the devices with the command. You may give it a try.

Thanks for the tip!

I don’t currently have any I can try this on currently, and without another machine on the network I can’t get into a remote machine in minimal mode at all to try this.

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