UDA partition usage

In the 37 partitions one is called UDA.

The UDA is described as: “(Optional) This partition, with the allocation attribute set to 0x808, automatically take all of remaining space of the device except secondary GPT space. This partition can be mounted and used to store user data.” in L4T documantation: https://docs.nvidia.com/jetson/l4t/index.html#page/Tegra%2520Linux%2520Driver%2520Package%2520Development%2520Guide%2Fpart_config.html

For the Jetson AGX Xavier, the partition is by default created but never initialized.
I manually ran mkfs.ext4 on it and put a dummy file on it.

Next time I ran

$sudo ./flash.sh jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1

the partition was recreated with no file system, so the dummy file was gone.

Is this expected or a problem in flash.sh.

If expected, what are we supposed to do to keep our user data alive?


Flash erases everything, and thus this is expected. You would have to use cloning or regular backup tools (such as rsync) to save data between flashes.