Unable to create remote context after successful ssh to remote machine

cannot create remote context from local machine (precision 5680 WSL2) … even after successfully generating ssh key, connecting to the machine and remote install nvwb…
screenshots and logs are attached

nvwb.log (7.8 KB)
traefik.log (659 Bytes)
workbench.log (308.7 KB)

Hi Raed,

We will look into this today and get back to you.


Thanks Tyler …
I used the following steps (in the attached doc) to setup key and remote connect.
how to connect to remote machine.txt (1.8 KB)

Hi Raed,

That is helpful.

Can you instead try the instructions here in the user guide?

Please use the Mac/Ubuntu command instead of the powershell command to add the public key to the remote.

Let us know if it works.


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that did the trick- thanks Tyler.
I did have to create .keys folder and copy-paste id_rsa key into it as .ssh is not accessible as a folder within Ubuntu shell…
but once that’s done it went pretty smoothly.
I will amend my instructions to do that! thanks again!

Happy to help!!!

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