Unable to inspect values of glm objects in Next-Gen debugger `{ =unexpected .}`

I’m using CUDA 11.5 and Visual Studio 2019 Professional (16.9.12). I’m running on an RTX Virtual Workstation (see here: AWS Marketplace: NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation - WinServer 2019) on AWS with a g4dn.xlarge instance (Has a Tesla T4). My project includes the glm library and I’m using glm vectors and matrices extensively.

When I set a breakpoint within my kernel and run the Next-Gen debugger, I can’t inspect many of the values of local objects. This includes glm objects, but also structs that I’ve written. The values seem to be set correctly since I can manipulate them and store them in more basic data types. However, when I try to inspect structs and glm objects, values show up as { =unexpected .} or {???}

I didn’t experience this when running the Legacy debugger on my laptop. What could be the issue?