Unable to install sctp kernel module

I have an Xavier NX running JP 4.4 and am trying to build/install the sctp.ko module using the kernel source and Modules.symvers method. The module builds fine, but any attempt to load it immediately crashes the system and reboots. I’m getting little in the way of information aside from the fact that if the module is part of the /lib/modules tree, I’ll get complaints that it can’t load “nvhost_vi” and no other modules will load.

Just to sanity check, I tried on a TX2 running 4.3, but got the same kinds of crashing errors.

Can anyone provide some insight? Do I need to do this some special way? I’ve built/installed plenty of external kernel modules before.


You should provide the dmesg when it needs to check the kernel problem.

Hey, Wayne,

Unfortunately, there is no dmesg. I had been tail’ing the syslog when I executed the modprobe and it only said the kernel was tainted before going to hell.

What I did notice is after a crash and I get into maintenance mode, I can modprobe sctp fine, but only the certain modules were loaded. It suggests sctp isn’t playing nice with something. I’m attaching the loaded modules in regular mode and one in the maintenance mode that lets me load sctp.

If you use a serial console for logging, then you won’t need screenshots, and can provide the output from a complete session. Assuming you are using the same carrier board for the NX as that of a Nano, see:

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I did as you suggested, but I can’t get anything as far as a kernel crash message. After setting up the serial console and “modprobe sctp”, all I get before it hangs and reboots is:

[ 943.332408] sctp: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.
[ 943.345531] sctp: Hash tables configured (bind 256/256)

I do see messages on the monitor, but nothing comes across the tty serial/minicom session I have set up on my laptop. This even happens if I try to modprobe sctp_diag, so I’m at a real loss as to what’s going on. The only hint I seem to have is that sctp will load up ok if there are no or minimal other modules. If I had to guess, it’s colliding with netfilter.

Also, for the sake of clarity, this is the stock Xavier image that’s installed by flashing the SD card and I’m compiling sctp from the 4.9.140-tegra source tree.



Did you remove the “quiet” keyword in extlinux.conf to enable more log already?

I did, but got nothing new.

[57544.678641] sctp: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.
[57544.691460] sctp: Hash tables configured (bind 256/256)

Then it reboots.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Could you paste the full log when you post?