Unable to load Isaac gym custom asset


I have successfully been able to train the Franka Cabinet task by running python3 rlgpu/train.py --task=FrankaCabinet. I am now trying to train my own robot. So far I am just trying to load my model asset into Isaac Gym. To do that, I have created my own python task file and duplicated the code from franka.py. The only modification I made so far is the asset file, where I am using my custom URDF file and meshes. When I try to run python3 rlgpu/train.py --task=MyTask I get the following error:

Not connected to PVD
+++ Using GPU PhysX
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

The error is triggered when the following line is executed: self.gym.load_asset(self.sim, asset_root, asset_file, asset_option)

I thought there was an error with my URDF file, or meshes, so I tried to Parse the URDF and load it into Omniverse Isaac Sim and that worked successfully - without any errors.

I also came accross this question, so I installed vulkan and the error persists. I have also set this path permanently: VK_ICD_FILENAMES=/usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/nvidia_icd.json.

I am using Python 3.6, Ubuntu 18.04, NVIDIA driver 460-server.

Any idea what can cause this problem? Thanks!

(Just to clarify - I have changed the default value of the task argument to be MyTask.)

Hi @lobzik,

Can you provide us a link to the URDF file that is failing?

We’ve got some fixes coming in the import pipeline in the next release of Gym that could help, but it could also still be a problem with the URDF. The parsing code is somewhat different between Sim and Gym, though the fact that it loads in Sim is a good sign.

Take care,