Unable to run Isaac Gym examples

Hi there,

I’m new to Isaac Gym. Recently I installed the Gym following the instruction. Once I’ve done this, I tried to check whether the installation was successful and everything works fine.
I ran python joint_monkey.py and got segmentation fault:

Creating 36 environments
Animating DOF 0 ('abdomen_z')
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Also, I found that vulkaninfo command reports segmentation fault as well:

Presentable Surfaces:
GPU id       : 0 (Tesla T4)
Surface type : VK_KHR_xcb_surface
Formats:                count = 0
Present Modes:          count = 3
Segmentation fault

Could you help me to understand what’s wrong with my setup?

Update: Nvidia driver update resolved my point. I had to install version 470.57.02.

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Hi @sergei.rybin,

Thanks for the confirmation!

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