Unable to Login to Deep Learning Institute


I have a NVIDIA account associated with gmail (same as this account), but when I tried to log in with the same email to Deep learning institute it showed the following error message:

’ We couldn’t sign you in.

To protect your account, it’s been temporarily locked. Try again in 30 minutes. To be on the safe side, you can reset your password here before you try again.’

‘You have successfully signed into NVIDIA, but your NVIDIA account does not have a linked NVIDIA account. To link your accounts, sign in now using your NVIDIA password.’

Could anyone please help to solve the issue? I have tried emailing and replying to other forums but I haven’t received any response.

Hi @josh169 ,
Can you please try again now.
We faced this issue couple of days back, but should be resolved now.



I am still receiving the same error message. I entered the same credentials in an incognito tab at login.nvgs.nvidia.com and it worked, so I know for a fact my email/password is correct (unless there are some different credentials I’m supposed to be entering).

Edit: it has been resolved