Unable to run NR char on 6.0.4

Drive Orin 6.0.4 Version
When running NR char on windows machine using following command
“NR_CHAR.exe -m “WDR” -s OECF0 -r dark0 -evSetting nv_gain_exposure_setting0.isp” getting following error:
Error using readNvRaw
Couldn’t read ‘OECF0\oecf0_6.0.4-ar0823-t1=10ms_5000K_lux=1800_5_000.nvraw’

Error in nvraw.read (line 499)
Error in nv_oecf (line 48)
ERROR : nv_oecf failed with exit code(-1)
ERROR : not able to execute RoI process
ERROR : not able to extract data from HDR images
Please help?

Dear @vipul.kaushik,
May I know if you are using DRIVE AGX Orin Devkit? Is the issue related to DRIVE OS 6.0.4 release?

Yes DRIVE AGX Orin Dev Kit, yes when using this executable on DRIVE OS 6.0.4 release version

Dear @vipul.kaushik,
The issue seems related to custom camera development. If so, it’s out of the scope of SDK and not supported via the forum. Please discuss it with your nvidia representative for it. Thanks

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