Unique identification of Jetpack version from L4T

I want to implement a program with the specification “Jetpack version can be uniquely identified from L4T version”, but I found some cases in the past where it was not possible.

( e.g. jetsonUtilities/jetson_variables.sh at 78f8ba7fcbe42b81b804d5e6e94477ad9c1474cc · jetsonhacks/jetsonUtilities · GitHub )

Is there a possibility that the Jetpack version cannot be identified from the L4T version in the future?

For clarification, it isn’t JetPack which gets installed. JetPack/SDK Manager are front end tools running on the host PC for flash. What actually gets flashed is “Linux for Tegra”, or “L4T”. L4T is just stock Ubuntu with NVIDIA’s direct hardware access drivers installed to it.

To see the L4T version:
head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release

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