Jetpack unknown in jtop!


I have installed the jetpack4.5.1 in jetson-tx2 with SDK Manager. I also install jetson-stats package in order to use the jtop tool to monitor the cpu usage and GPU usage. But I found that the jtop can’t detect the jetpack version, who meet the same issues??


Actually, jtop tool is not maintained by NV. I think this tool is a project from @rbonghi.

You can find the jetpack version like

cat /etc/nv_tegra_release

There are release and revision version inside this file. You can check the which version refers to these version from L4T archive.

Thank you @WayneWWW to ping me! :-)
The new jetson-stats now support the JP 4.5.1
You can update with:
sudo -H pip install -U jetson-stats
Now jetson-stats 3.1.0 improve the virtualenviroment support, check virtual environment reference to use in your projects


Hi, rbonghi

Thank you very much, jetson-stats 3.1.0 can support JP 4.5.1!

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Hi! How I make sure whether I have installed Jetpack?

Hi @466309936, you can cat /etc/nv_tegra_release to get the version of L4T you are running in JetPack. For example, L4T R32.5.1 is JetPack 4.5.1.

JetPack is automatically installed when you flash your Jetson using SDK Manager (or if you are on Nano/NX devkit, flash the SD card). Check if you have CUDA under /usr/local/cuda which is from JetPack.

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