Unit nvgetty.service not loaded

Hello. I want to transfer signals between the PC and Jetson Nano, using serial communication. I use a USB connection on my PC and link the other end of the transmission line to J41 on the Jetson Nano., I use J41 UART port pins 8 and 10.
But there is some wrong :

import serial
import serial.tools.list_ports
port_list = list(serial.tools.list_ports.comports())

The output is . It means there is no comports that Jetson Nano provide.

I don’t know how to do next. So, can you tell me how to read data via UART from my Jetson Nano with J41?

Thank you.

When I command like this:

systemctl stop nvgetty

It shows me :

Failed to stop nvgetty.service: Unit nvgetty.service not loaded

So what should I do next?

hello luanluanchenhui,

you may refer to Jetson Nano – UART for setting up serial console with Jetson-Nano,
please also check similar discussion thread, such as Topic 1057441, and Topic 1063027 for reference.