UnrealEngine4 Linux Drivers 334.21 vs 340.24, same with 343.13

You’ll have the same issue in the early Unreal Tournament Build.


When you run “open DM-DeckTest” you’ll load a DM-Deck 16 rebuild with exaggerated lens flare effects.
That’s with the 340.24 driver.

This indeed happens in Unreal Tournament 4. It looks like it’s related to bloom, as it’s the shiny bits that look extremely exaggerated (albeit it sometimes also affects texture colours as well, which seem to be random each load). Using the engine command ShowFlag.SkyLighting 0 works around the issue.

Here’s a video one playtester made that clearly shows how the bug looks like (you can skip to 1:40):
And another picture:

This only happens with 340 drivers, not 331, and affects all the UT4 builds.

Agree, i tried UT4 just now and it’s bloom everywere. And thats when trying to hide from the bigger ones. Most of the time its so bad you cant see how you walk.

hi still the same problem with new nvidea

We have investigated the issue and aplattner’s hypothesis in comments #14 and #19 is correct: the application appears to have a bug where it leaves GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB enabled for a blit, when it actually expects it to be disabled. Since the NVIDIA driver now correctly honors this flag, the final image doesn’t look like what the application developer intended.

hi i read some where the fix is not in the new vesion of nvidea
if that true when will it be in the new version