Update kernel,DTB, and rootfs over network

I have an OEM device that uses a Jetson AGX for video analytics. When the Jetson module in in the device, the only access I have to it is via a UART and a network connection. I don’t have the USB connections or the FREC pin/button to get it into forced recovery mode.

Is this the method to use for this process?
Update TX1 kernel remote



You could use command

sudo reboot forced-recovery

hello larry.ciummo,

please note that, kernel and dtb were signed and encrypted for security process.
you should generate these with flash scripts locally with --no-flash option enabled.
for example,
$ sudo ./flash.sh -r --no-flash -k kernel jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1

after that, you may copy this binary to your remote target, and using dd commands to update the partition without flashing.
you may also refer to similar discussion thread, Topic 148122 for reference,

Hi Larry,

Flashing the rootfs may be a challenge but the kernel and DTB is definitely doable without too much difficulty. See my post here: Flashing a Jetson AGX Xavier while running (not in recovery mode)


Thanks. I think the problem is I don’t have that usb connection on my “debug” adapter to the Jetson - just sd, a usb-A and two uarts, one of which is working.